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How My YouTube Channel Was Hacked – Wode Maya Explains

The recent takeover of his account by certain hackers, according to Ghanaian YouTuber Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, popularly known as Wode Maya, came as a surprise.

The YouTuber who completely lost control of his YouTube account on Friday, February 23, 2023, claims that he was unaware of the entire affair until he noticed that his Gmail account, which was linked to the YouTube channel, had been locked out.

“I won’t be coming over here to tell you what occurred. If you ask me what occurred, I honestly have no idea; all I noticed was that my Gmail account had been logged out. Hence, I was logged out of every account that is linked to my Gmail account. As the YouTube channel was restored, he remarked in his first vlog, “The next thing I saw was somebody on the channel.

While acknowledging the work put out to restore the channel, he offered gratitude to some people. He stated that he did not take a shower and had his phone turned off for the entire 48 hours that the account was hacked and ultimately canceled by YouTube.

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