People Doubted When I Met Beyonce For Our Video Shoot But Did Sarkodie Meet Bob Marley For Video Shoot? – Shatta Wale Asks

Ghanaians have once again come under fire from Shatta Wale for what he calls their “hypocritical” mentality.

The dancehall artist claimed that while some questioned his Beyonce cameo, they enthusiastically embraced Sarkodie’s “ghost-filled video shoot.”

This is Shatta Wale’s second time publicly responding to Sarkodie’s appearance on the remix of “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Shatta Wale commented on the song’s release and the accompanying music video by asking why Ghanaians are so enthused about it when the “main author” isn’t there.

“When I met Beyonce and we worked on the video together, skeptics questioned me.” They said I wasn’t the one, despite the fact that we were shown kissing on the video.

“I never met her, and they said I wasn’t there.” But did Sarkodie see the ghost while filming the video for his Bob Marley cameo? In a popular video, Sarkodie said, “But that’s what you guys enjoy.” I recorded a video with a ghost.

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