Fantana Allegedly Loses Boyfriend

The tragic death of Fantana’s boyfriend was disclosed on social media by the Ghanaian singer.

She took over Instagram and Snapchat with a lengthy post detailing her anguish and some footage of the two of them together.

Fantana identified him as a young Muslim named Ayanle Husein and said that they had been dating for a very long time.

She also stressed in her article how they were inseparable despite having different religious beliefs.

Unclear what led to his demise, a ‘heartbroken’ Fantana‘s post read;

“Ayanle Hussein, my love. I can’t believe they took you away from me. My angel on earth, I am so broken. I cried and cried. I love you so much. You made me a better person; you thought me so much and believed in me. I’m sorry they did this to you. we loved each other so much. From day one, we were inseparable.

“I’m going to miss praying with you on FaceTime, whiles you taught me about the Quran and I taught you about the Bible. I am going to miss your advice and how you never let me give up but always want me to be better,” parts of her post read.

She also disclosed their many plans that will be left unfulfilled.

“We had so many plans. I was going to make you move to Potomac just so you could support me when I audition In the Real Housewives of Potomac. You supported everything I do even If It doesn’t make sense,” she stated.

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