A Prophet Told Me At Atwea Mountains That Funny Face Would Be My Helper – Don Little Reveals

Don Little attributes a significant portion of his success in the film industry to his friend Funny Face, who cast him in the hit TV show “Cow and Chicken.”

When Don Little described his profoundly transformative experience in the Atwea Mountains, he revealed that a man of God had predicted that Funny Face would cross his path and that he would propel him to stardom.

Until it really happened, the pastor’s message was not taken seriously.

The actor said in an interview with Emelia Brobby that there was a moment in his life when he had to travel to prayer locations in order to seek God’s face on the meaning of his existence.

“I went to the Atwea Mountains to ask God what the point of my existence was. One of the pastors, Bro. Cee, said that God had heard my petitions during our time of prayer in the mountains and that I would receive an answer when I returned home.

He claimed that Funny Face, the actor, was my savior.the one who would make me famous. Don Little said, “I didn’t take him seriously.”

Later, he saw Funny Face and urged him to include me in his “Cow and Chicken” series, he said. Funny ordered his guys to bring me after I approached him, and when he attempted to record my act, his phone unexpectedly shut off. He persisted and used another person’s phone to videotape me.

He said that this marked the start of his rise to prominence.

“His first video of me gained a lot of attention. I was overheard threatening to hurt a woman if I couldn’t have my way sexually. I made light of the use of my leg.

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