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Ugly Men Take Good Care Of Women, You Can’t Be Ugly And Broke – Efia Odo

In a recent interview on Lifestyle TV, Ghanaian model and socialite Andrea Owusu, sometimes known as Efia Odo, disclosed that she had dated several wealthy, “ugly,” yet attractive guys.

She said in the interview that “ugly men take good care of women” and that “I have met and dated ugly people previously, and of course, they had money because you cannot be ugly without money.”

She went on to list some characteristics of a man she might consider dating or find appealing.

I despise getting hooked up by someone; therefore, if you want to date me, I think we should first meet in a public setting, like a restaurant or a bar. Additionally, you must catch my attention by having excellent teeth; if not, I won’t talk to you. She said, “I can’t date small people because I’m constantly on six feet, and you need a lot of money.”

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