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People Who Looked Like Insults, Insulted Me When I Was Coming Up As A Musician – Wendy Shay Reveals

Wendy Shay, a multiple award-winning Rufftown signee, has given the finger to those who tried to discourage and disappoint her when she was breaking into the music scene in 2018.

We all could recall when Bullet of Rufftown Records introduced Wendy Shay right after the demise of Ebony Reign, and a lot of industry players called her untalented and a whole lot of other names, but yesterday she was able to gather more than 10,000 people to attend a concert she hosted in her name.

Wendy Shay advised her fans during the concert to use her story as motivation for themselves before she moved on to the people who insulted her when she was coming up.

She revealed that they said her voice is not nice, her body is not nice, and a whole lot more. She moved on to say that people look like they insulted her when she is or was far better than their wives, daughters, and girlfriends, but look at her now; she has done great for herself and she is grateful.

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