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‘To Be A Man, Na Wah O’ – Amakye Dede Reveals How He Had That Term

Amakye Dede, the legendary figure in highlife, has said that the iconic song “To be a man na wah” was influenced by his early experiences in Nigeria.

The multiple award-winning musician admitted that when he was younger, he traveled to the continent’s most populous nation in order to make a living.

Life there, according to Amakye Dede, was difficult; in addition to doing odd tasks for money, he was also a member of a band that performed at hotels.

He said that Ghanaians were being driven out of Nigeria at the time. He claimed that he and the band had performed a concert in a hotel one evening.

But when they got up the next morning, they discovered that roughly 80 hotels, including the ones where they played, had burned down. He mentioned that their instruments were also damaged by the fire.

The musician continued by describing how one evening he heard a knock at his door and was startled to discover a Ghanaian who was bleeding heavily after being stabbed with a glass.

Amakye Dede claimed that this factored into their choice to return to Ghana even though they were left penniless, adding, “You had to run for your life.”

He said that, as he writes in “To be a man, na wah,” Nigeria had taught him that it was difficult to be a man and support oneself.

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