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I Should Have Died In 2016 – Jagger Pee Sadly Says

Abeiku Nyame, the veteran Ghanaian actor better known by his stage name Jagger Pee, has described how he underwent a successful open-heart procedure in 2016.

Jagger Pee, the leading man in the well-known TV theater series who began acting professionally in 1984, struggled for over a year with an enlarged heart.

His health was rapidly declining, so he was transported to the 37 Military Hospital, where he was to undergo a battery of tests to determine whether or not he would need heart surgery.

Jagger made an impassioned plea to President Mahama and the entire public despite never having the GHC2,500.00 needed to pay for the medical exam. The experienced actor was successful in raising more than GHC7,000.00 for the test as a consequence of his heartfelt plea.

The actor had the test, and the results revealed that he had rheumatic heart disease, which was accompanied by severe aortic valve incompetence and mild to moderate mitral valve regurgitation.

Another fervent appeal was made by Jagger, who then required a staggering £40,000 to undergo an open-heart procedure to replace the valve with a mechanical prosthetic valve.

The initial cost was $20,000, The Ghana Heart Foundation helped him out by contributing half of that amount, or $10, and Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the founder of the Glorious Wave Church International, and his congregation raised the rest.

On October 1, 2016, he underwent successful open-heart surgery at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital’s National Cardiothoracic Center.

In an exclusive interview with Ghanaweekend.com, Jagger Pee described some of the repulsive incidents in his life and said the following:

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“I should have passed away in 2016 since I was informed I would pass away if I didn’t get the operation… Sincerely, I underwent open-heart surgery successfully, but before that, I needed money—more than Gh40,000.00—and there was no hope until I filed an appeal, at which point Pastor Badu Kobi and other kind people helped me.”

The renowned Ghanaian actor said, sounding ecstatic, “Now I look like a 25-year-old… I praise God since I appear to be in great health. It was just a miracle, since I believed I was going to pass away.

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