Being a good girl doesn’t pay, if you like don’t wise up in 2023 – Slay queen advises her peers

A young Nigerian lady popular on TikTok, has shared an advisory with other women to be wise as they are going into a new year.

She said that being a good girl does not come with benefits and those who lived their lives without making demands from men this year ended up with nothing.

According to the girl known as Exquisite Barb, it is because they were doing good girl that they were not able to get Christmas clothes and hair.

The TikTok slay queen sarcastically said they should continue being decent and contented with little in 2023 and see if it will pay them.

“You see as you no get Christmas hair and Christmas dress so? If you like continue doing good girl for 2023!!!, she wrote.

_moni_car; Bad girl way u do na make u wear rubber bullet prof ?

pec_mira; I nor complain give you ma

dohveeda_; Omo this wan pain me

videodeity; So una still wan carry prostitution enter the next year. No worry SHETTIMA dey come. Una go wear hijab by force

gina9021; House n car is more like it! Upgrade your brain fess.. ode.. who cloth n hair epp

truthful_43; You wan do bad girl, see waiting you get

lizzy11gold; As I no do good girl self I no still get Xmas hair and clothes, it’s like my bad girl is not bad enough oooo or should I increase the volume

curtis_yuppie; As you no do good girl, what have you achieve in life rather than the Christmas shoe and hair

sdglifestyle; You get Christmas hair and Christmas clothes and you never treat your infection. Ada just day play

fashionhub_bywindymaccaphy; Abeg make she get out from here mtcheeew

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