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I Mãstûrbated for 6 Years, Slept With Married Men But I’ve Seen Christ – Singer Iona Reine confesses

Iona Reine, a Ghanaian singer and mother, has revealed some of her dirty past to the entire world in order to serve as advice to young people. Iona, who claims to have turned a new leaf, also revealed that she left home without her parent’s permission to live an irresponsible lifestyle on the streets, and she now regrets ever making that foolish decision.

During her time on the streets, she admitted to sleeping with married men, drinking alcohol, and smoking heavily. As emphatically stated by Iona, this confession isn’t to chase clout but to use her personal life experiences to educate the youths on the negative effects of engaging themselves in all kinds of social vices.

Watch the video from below.

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