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A Snake Ended Up Sleeping Around My Private Part Thinking It Was A Bush

Those of us who grew up in the trenches know how it is done when we go for animals like grasscutter hauntings, but this popular experience shared by Akrobeto on his popular real new show has kept people laughing out loud.

According to Mr. Akwasi Boadi, who was in his youthful ages, they want to out to and for the grasscutter and as it is done in Ghana, fire will be lit at one end of the hole in which the grasscutter is hiding so that he can be trapped when escaping from the other hole.

Akrobeto narrated that when they went for the hunting that very day, he did not know he was standing at the whole in which the animal will be passing through because the other way was blocked, so unfortunately he saw an animal run through his trousers straight to his manhood and when he realised it was a snake, the animal has already settled on his pubic hair thinking it was a bush

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