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‘I am in the spirit. I am not talking in my human sense’ – How Prophet Nigel Gaisie opened 2023 prophecies

Nigel Gaisie, the founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, gave prophecies to his congregation on January 1 to begin the New Year by revealing the thoughts of God.

The prophecies were disclosed in spite of a reminder from the Ghana Police Service about the law regarding the communication of prophecies and urged compliance “to ensure continuous security and law and order in the country”.

This law, according to the police, is usually flouted during 31st Night services.

“As the year 2022 draws to a close, we wish to once again entreat the general public, especially faith-based groups to ensure continuous compliance with the law as it relates to the communication of prophecies,” the police said in a statement on Tuesday, December 27, 2022.

“Let us continue to remember that whereas we have the right to practise our faith in religion, freedom of worship and speech, this right must not be exercised in violation of the rights of others and the public interest.”

The warning in 2021 forced some prophets to adopt different styles in communicating prophecies.

Exactly a year ago, Prophet Gaisie directed his prophecies to an imaginary nation he called ‘Republic of Umuofia’.

He was later invited by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Service for interrogations.

In his New Year service this year, the man of God walked a similar path this time referring to the nation as ‘Yεmpε Nokorε’, to wit ‘We don’t like the truth’.

“Say this is a disclaimer,” he began. “I am in the spirit and I am in church, standing behind the pulpit of God.

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“I am not talking in my human sense. I am talking in my sense as a spiritual person.

“The intention is not to cause fear and panic. I repeat again I am not prophesying to the nation and people of Ghana. I am prophesying to the ‘Republic of Yεmpε Nokorε’.”

He then unleashed nearly 40 sets of prophecies including one about the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of the referred nation.

“The LORD took my spirit to the Republic of Yεmpε Nokorε. I saw that there was a change of an IGP, I saw it in the realm of the spirit that the IGP, his boot was taken off.”

‘Nation of Yempɛ Nokware’: Someone with name starting ‘A’ will win NPP flagbearer contest – Nigel Gaisie

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