Top 7 NBA Stars and What They Love Doing In Their Free Time

To be a standout NBA star, you must devote much time and energy. In other words, the primary objective of the finest NBA players is to practice diligently and remain in game shape. In addition, they need time to relax; thus, many have enjoyable hobbies as they explore the best online casino.

It is always intriguing to learn what these players do in their spare time, given their competitive reputation and exceptional skills. As a result of their success, these NBA players enjoy a great deal of money and notoriety, yet off of the court, they typically lead extremely everyday, unassuming lives. 

As we learn what these basketball players enjoy doing in their spare time, we gain insight into who they are as individuals.

Sports Betting

It is hardly surprising that basketball players enjoy gambling as a hobby. They want the thrill and excitement of casino activities such as table games, card games, and sports betting because they are wealthy.

Michael Jordan was among the most famous NBA players and had a different passion. Some others viewed his near-addiction to it as a negative trait, but he viewed it as something he enjoyed doing. As a hobby, he played golf and gambled on it too.

Comic Fanatics

Brook and Robin are identical twins. Brook is a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, while Robin plays for the Washington Wizards. However, other factors unite them as they have shared a passion for collecting comic books for decades. They are frequently photographed during festivals and storyteller comics.

Martial Arts

Isn’t it incredible that an NBA player also holds a kickboxing black belt? Brooklyn Nets power forward James Johnson’s second-degree black belt is more of a talent for him than a hobby. His parents are black belts in various martial arts styles, and he learned the art from them. His father gave him the nickname “Little Ali” because he was so skilled at fighting, his hobby.

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Playing Musical Instruments

Music is an excellent hobby to quiet the mind. This is particularly true for Gasol, who is 39 years old and nearing retirement.

Due to his passion for music, he joined the Los Angeles Opera, which helped him maintain a healthy body and mind. Gasol also enjoys reading books, attending concerts, and creating music in his spare time.

One of the recreational activities that great athletes like is playing music. It is an excellent technique to clear one’s mind before critical matches. NBA player Pau Gasol also enjoys playing the bass violin in his leisure time.

Playing Video Games

Josh Hard and Reggie Jackson are two NBA players that frequently compete in Fortnite competitions. The majority of Lonzo Ball’s leisure time is spent playing PUBG. Andre Drummond enjoys open-world RPGs such as Grand Theft Auto. He also enjoys third-person action games such as God of War.

In addition to online casino games, many basketball players enjoy playing video games in their spare time. It is hardly surprising that basketball players want the NBA 2K series from EA Sports. Most NBA players enjoy the thrill of competition, but many also play other competitive sports.


Fishing is an excellent approach for the Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George to unwind and clear his head. George became fascinated with this sport as a child when his father took him to the lake. 

Paul continued to fish even as he aged and became a professional athlete. Now, he cannot wait to publish images of his trophies on social media and engage other basketball players in fishing.

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Bowling is not everyone’s favorite sport, but many basketball players occasionally enjoy it. Chris Paul is the NBA player most interested in bowling.

The point guard for the Phoenix Suns enjoys bowling with his family and friends in his spare time. Therefore, Chris does not only rest; he also exercises. To get the ball to the pins and reach the target, you must be focused, accurate, in control of your body, and strong.

He would prefer to bowl than engage in internet gambling like his coworkers. Chris Paul claims that his hobby is an excellent way to develop concentration, aim, and strength. In addition, it improves his mood.

In high school, he initially developed an interest in it. Chris was ecstatic when his parents gave him an NBA-colored ball for Christmas, as they were aware of his passion for basketball and bowling.

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