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A Guide on How to Improve NHL Betting

NHL betting is a great way to get your sports betting fix. With numerous games each week, the NHL provides plenty of NHL picks for bettors to turn a profit. Whether you’re an experienced major league sports bettor or a rookie just breaking into online sports betting, it can be hard to know where to start with NHL betting.

To help beginners improve their NHL betting strategies, this guide provides tips on how to win more when betting on NHL games.

Do Live Betting

Live betting is betting on the game as it’s happening. Bookmakers adjust the lines in real-time due to goals, penalties, etc. It can be a great way to cash in on a lead getting blown or grab some value on a bet as the game progresses. 

They will adjust the pricing of the lines in real time, accommodating how the game is going.

Ride the Streaks

NHL teams can often be streaky; they might lose five games in a row and then suddenly have a five or six-game win streak. You can capitalize on streaks by betting on the hot team as long as the underlying numbers support it.

For example, if the team is hot, but their offensive numbers still need to be higher, that may not be sustainable over the long term. Look at underlying stats to get a better picture – but consider that streaks can be helpful in the NHL.

Pay Attention to Special Teams

While even strength (5v5) play is essential in hockey, it’s worth considering the power play and penalty kill. Look at team power play percentage and how the opposition impacts it. Has one team had a hot power play recently? Check the numbers in recent games and make your decision from there.

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Look at Home and Road Records

The home-ice advantage is vital in the NHL, and in many cases, the home team will have an edge because the crowd is cheering for them. Teams can also respond differently to the home crowd. Look at each team’s current home/road metrics and factor that into your betting decision.

Look for Alternate Markets like Period Betting and Team Totals

Period betting gives bettors a chance to bet on the winner of a single period, regardless of the game’s final result.

Suppose you have a strong opinion about who will win (or won’t lose) a particular period that creates an opportunity to make a wager. Similarly, team total betting allows you to wager on the total number of goals or points scored by a team.

Limit Parlays and Heavy Favorites

Parlays are bets that involve multiple games and have numerous individual bets. Any bettor who’s tried to win various games in a row knows how difficult it can be, and parlays add to the difficulty.

It’s often better to make singular, calculated bets on individual games rather than try and tie multiple bets together. Similarly, heavily favored teams can often be up for an upset, and you may be better off making single-game plays on some of those games.

Be Aware of the Schedules

Many NHL teams have a solid home-ice advantage, but some are much better at home than on the road. It’s worth paying attention to the schedule and who’s playing where and when. Keep track of teams who have long road trips or play a string of home games. 

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The plan can have a significant impact on results.

Project the Goalie Matchups

Goaltending is a significant factor in NHL betting, and it’s essential to know who is likely to start in goal for each team. Goaltending duos can often differ in quality, and if a backup is in the net, you’ll want to consider that when looking at the lines.

Look at data from backup goalies earlier in the season and try to understand how they may perform in the game you’re betting on.

Line Shop and Use Multiple Sites

Line shopping is one of the basics of betting, and it’s worth exploring multiple online sites to ensure you’re getting the best line available. Different sites may have different prices, and using various sites can help you get the most out of your bet.


Betting on the NHL can be a great way to experience the game you love and make some money. While there is no guarantee of success in sports betting, you can use strategies and insights like those in this guide to improve your chances of winning.

Following these guidelines and applying your knowledge of the game can increase your chances of success when making NHL bets.

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