7 MLB Stars Hobbies That Keep Them Busy

Major League Baseball (MLB) stars live a life of constant activities. Whether on or off the field, there are always things to keep them busy such as participating in events for charity, playing at the best online casinos, practicing for their upcoming games, and developing their skills.

But it’s not all about training; a balance between physical, mental, and emotional health is essential for athletes. So, how do stars find this balance? They tend to discover hobbies that help them on and off the field.

This blog will explore seven hobbies that keep these stars busy and how they benefit them.


This is one of the most popular hobbies for MLB stars. Many players enjoy this game of precision and tactics as it helps them develop an eye for detail, master the mental aspects of sports, and prepare to make quick decisions.

Golf also helps them stay fit, sharpens their hand-eye coordination, and allows them to spend time with family and friends. As a bonus, playing with the other players helps build relationships which can be beneficial when they need to make moves in the MLB field and outside of it.


Being part of the MLB community often provides a lot of exposure in the industry, which is why some stars have taken on music as a hobby. This allows them to express themselves freely while gaining a better understanding of creativity, self-expression, and the power of music.

Music is therapeutic and helps athletes handle stress and tension on and off the field.

Video Games

MLB stars may handle the pressures of constant activities differently, and one recent trend is the growing fascination for video games. Major League Baseball players can use this pastime to relax and de-stress after a tough day.

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While this is primarily a hobby, it has also produced positive results, such as developing analytical skills and strategizing abilities.


Skateboarding is the perfect hobby when it comes to pushing boundaries and pushing their limits. One of the most popular hobbies among MLB stars, skateboarding is a great way to build balance, discipline, and courage.

Many players use the sport as a way to relax and connect with themselves, as well as a way to express themselves. It also provides them with a great source of exercise, and since some stadiums have skate parks, their skill level improves quickly.


Hunting is another popular pastime that MLB stars take part in. It is a way to get out in nature and has a unique sense of fun while sharpening the player’s skills. Most MLB stars enjoy challenging themselves and participating in situations where they must prove their hunting skills.

Hunting is excellent for enjoying the outdoors, but it’s also helpful when understanding the game better and developing better decision-making in the field. Plus, it’s always fun to spend time with their favorite teammates.


Fishing is an activity that provides MLB stars with an escape from the hustle and bustle of the professional world. After demanding days on and off the field, players usually head to their favorite rivers and fishing spas for relaxation.

Plus, it’s a great way to practice patience, discipline, and endurance. The main focus of fishing is keeping an eye on what’s happening around you and on the water. After fishing, the player can return to the field with a refreshed and focused mindset.

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Cooking is the perfect hobby for MLB stars who want to sharpen their skills in the kitchen. Cooking lessons and cookbooks have become popular tools for MLB stars, allowing them to express themselves and push their creativity.

This hobby helps the players develop their taste palates and enhance their culinary skills. MLB stars have enjoyed cooking classes and cookbooks to learn new recipes and benefit from the experience of seasoned chefs.


The MLB stars have a lot on their plate. From attending events, to constantly working on their baseball skills, they need to find a sense of balance between physical, mental, and emotional health. Fortunately, the right hobby can help them maintain that balance and stay busy outside their field.

From golf and music to cooking, these seven hobbies can provide the MLB stars with an outlet to stay focused and relaxed, on or off the field. Every player needs something to take their mind off the game, and having the right hobby can provide them with the perfect distraction.

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