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PSquare Kneel And Apologise To Their Fans For Their Split

Psquare, the Nigerian music duo, apologizes to their fans on their knees during their performance at the Ghanaian Afrochella festival yesterday.

On their knees, the two sought the fans’ pardon for having withheld good music for five years. They received enthusiastic applause from the crowd for their compassion and modesty.

After a miscommunication, the formerly most energetic music duet in Africa decided to part ways. Family disputes caused the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, collectively known as Psquare, to split up in 2016.

The couple reconciled in November 2021, lit a peace pipe, and are now back together. Since their comeback, they have been delighting their fans with excellent songs. When they are both on stage, the energy is contagious.

Watch the video below:

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