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Meek Mill’s Phone Stolen, Begs Ghanaians For It To Be Returned

Meek Mill, the American rapper, had his phone snatched by street boys before the second day of the Afro Nation event.

Before the show, the rapper arrived in Ghana and was spotted hanging out with a couple of local motorbike dudes. Meek appeared to be having a good time in many of the videos that have emerged from his trip to Ghana.

His happiness, however, was short-lived when the sad event occurred. After his iPhone was stolen, the musician wailed angrily on his Instagram page. Meek pleaded for whoever had the item to give it back to him.

A series of videos that surfaced while Meek traveled to Afro Nation revealed that he was surrounded by bike-riding street kids before his phone was taken.

Given his social standing, Meek Mill‘s annoyance is reasonable given that he could have a wealth of professional contacts and crucial information on his smartphone.

At one in the morning, just before the concert, word of the incident first surfaced. Following Meek Mill’s Instagram post, individuals on social media have responded in various ways.

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