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Dear Sugar Daddies And Boyfriends Please Increase The Money You Allocate To Your Girlfriends – John Dumelo Advises

In a Snapchat post, Ghanaian actor and celebrity John Dumelo showed off his sense of humor by fervently pleading with sugar daddies and other guys on behalf of their side chics.

According to the dashing politician and renowned actor, prices have recently increased due to the worsening economic conditions under the present administration; as a result, sugar daddies must raise the amount of money they provide to their mistresses proportionately.

John Dumelo

“Dear sugar daddies and boyfriends, pls increase the money u allocate to your woman/ side chicks In 2023. Things have become extremely expensive. Dear side chicks, pls be committed to the sugar daddies so they too they can give u more money la.”

A screenshot of John Dumelo’s post.
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