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Moesha Boduong finally reveals how she nearly committed suicide

Moesha Boduong, a Ghanaian actress and socialite, has claimed that she nearly committed suicide in the months following her most publicized liposuction procedure. Moesha reportedly stated in an exclusive interview with Delay:

“I just to say this, trolling, bullying, belittling and all those things they did to me got to me when I did my body. I nearly committed suicide. I act tough because I hate to share that part. I needed to be tough to become who I am today.

“It really killed my soul. Doing my body in Ghana really killed my soul, I look back at everything and say, if I had died, it would be for nothing. I think they owe me an apology,”

She also bragged that she was the first person to enlighten most Ghanaian women about liposuction.

According to her, she’s a pacesetter and will continue to set trends until the end of time by describing herself as Ghana’s Kim Kardashain.

“Kim Kardashian loves Jesus, and I have watched most of her interviews loving God and still posing for brands that sell her brand.

“God can also make me like her, I hate to say this, but God never hated on Kim and I would always be soo different from everyone,”

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