I Regret Being A Ghanaian Actor – Veteran Actor Jagger Pee

Jagger Pee, the veteran actor from Ghana, has explicitly declared that he hates becoming a Ghanaian actor.

The renowned actor claimed, in an interview with Citi FM/entertainment TV’s news website Ghanaweekend.com, that anyone choosing to work as an actor in Ghana has chosen a highly honorable career path, but one that is located in a seedy environment.

He stated his dissatisfaction with the earnings and revenues generated by the Ghanaian film business, saying that despite the fact that it had not been helpful to them, they were continuing for the sake of future generations in the hopes that they would be able to influence change.

“Really, if I were to pass away and reincarnate, I would like to be an actress overseas rather than in Ghana… The movie industry is thriving, but not in Ghana. Ghana is a terrible place to pursue acting as a career. You perform for many years, yet the pay is little. He lamented.

The seasoned actor said, sounding utterly disgusted, “even if Ghana’s film business isn’t growing, we’re still slogging through merely to clear the way for our successors in the industry to arrive and perhaps make a change.”

Born Abeiku Nyame, Jagger Pee was imprisoned in 1996 together with his buddy and fellow musician Gee Man as a result of a gunshot at the CFC Flats Dome in Accra, which resulted in the death of a cab driver.

After spending two years of his life sentence—half of which were spent on death row—he was given amnesty. Despite spending time in jail, he was one of Ghana’s top actors in the 1990s and has significantly influenced the country’s film industry.

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