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Go and arrest criminals in gov’t – Prophet Nigel Gaisie reacts to IGP’s warning about 31st-night prophecies

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and leader of Prophet Hill Chapel, has responded to the Inspector General of Police’s warnings about the 31st-night prophecies.

The Ghana Police Service issued a statement earlier today warning prophets to refrain from illegally communicating prophecies that can cause fear and panic among people.

The statement also stated that prophets who instill fear or predict the death of any individual or group without providing proof of the prediction will be prosecuted.

In response to the IGP’s warnings, Nigel Gaisie urged the police to arrest the criminals in government who are causing pain to ordinary people.

On his page, he wrote, “

Can Human being/earthly body Approve SPIRITUAL LAWS-THE VALIDITY OF PROPHECIES?”….Am I nope, when Ahab is in power, he is ALWAYS AFRAID OF WHAT *Prophet Macahia’will say!!!….. Ghana Police Service Should be busy arresting all the criminals in government who are making life soo hard for the common man. Again, there are more serious cases that have a national interest like *Who killed J.B’, Like the political actors who have made our once good drinking water turned into **Choco milo*galamsey* the attention of the police there is not the best to say tho. Like the Ayawaso Wagouon *by-elections the people who inflicted pains (harm) on the ordinary citizen are still walking freely, with all the evidence, ZELICH ARREST just to mention but a few…The role of the prophetic or prophets in nation-building can not be underestimated or disrespected. Suffice to say, the hallmark of every prophet is BOLDNESS FROM ABOVE Hence, I suggest to all prophets to be led by the Holy spirit on 31st December Night/dawn and be circumspect because of the evil times, no prophet of God should be cow o

Into silence or be afraid, God has a way of taking care of us if only what you are saying is from the womb of the spirit…..The attacks on the prophetic did not start today and will not END IN OUR TIME SO LET’S OBEY GOD THAN MAN……***HANDSOFFTHEPROPHETIC##LET THE PROPHETSSPEAK##Ps.105v15, Hosea 12v13.


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