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I Was Proposed To By A Maame Water When I Started My Movement – Ajagurajah

During an appearance on YouTube’s Alexis De Godson‘s show, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, aka Bishop Ajagurajah, the movement’s leader and creator, made a startling discovery.

He once had a conversation with a water spirit named Maame Water, according to the spiritual man of God. He claimed that the water ghost had made a marriage proposal to him previously.

Mame Water begged Bishop Kwabena Asiamah and a well-known Ghanaian preacher to abandon their angel Ajagurajah and follow her in the spiritual world. Bishop Kwabena Asiamah shared his story.

The internet psychic also revealed to host Alexis De Godson that the water spirit offered her that choice just before he launched his now-famous Ajagurajah Movement.

He continued by describing the appearance of the water deity. Mami Wata has extremely long, three-part black hair, according to Ajagurajah. One conceals her breasts, while the other, who has freckles on her face, covers her face and back. more exquisitely gorgeous than any living thing on this earth.

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