Twitter To excise 1.5 Billion Accounts To Free Space – Elon Musk

Twitter to remove or delete 1.5 billion accounts to free space – Elon Musk. Twitter will soon start freeing the namespace of over 1.5 billion accounts due to inactivity.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk on December 9 said that 1.5 billion accounts on the social media platform that have not tweeted or logged in will be deleted to free up space.

These are obvious account deletions with no tweets & no log in for years, he added to the thread.

“These are obvious account deletions with no tweets and no log-in for years.”

It’s still unclear when the cleanup will start but the move means that name or handle that most have been eyeing could soon fall into someone’s lap.

The cleanup falls part of Musk’s transformation of Twitter to make it more bankable for investors.

While Twitter gets ready to delete accounts which have no tweets or recent logins, for years, it is also working on software updates that will show true account status incase users’ are banned.

The update will also provide reason’s for an appeal.

The blue birded app has been shifting into new changes after Musk took over.

Part of the incoming changes is news of the edit button under construction.

The platform declare it was finally testing the edit feature for tweets.

The feature which is in its testing phase is likely to be rolled out at month end if things go according to plan.

The catch.
Yes, there’s a catch, the Edit Tweet feature will be available to subscribers of its paid-for Tier, Twitter Blue.

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Twitter Blue is a paid monthly subscription that offers exclusive access to premium features for users.

It is currently available for in-app purchase on Twitter for iOS, Android including in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Users must be logged in to the Twitter account they purchased their subscription to access Twitter Blue features.

Twitter has kicked off internal testing with an aim to roll out the feature to other countries once the feature becomes fully functional.

Edit feature function
Users can expect to get a 30 minute window to make changes to their tweets after they’ve clicked the tweet button.

The edited tweets will then have a time stamp signifying the change.

People viewing the tweet will be able to spot the tweet edit history, which includes past versions of the Tweet.

According to Twitter, this is to protect the integrity of the conversation while creating a publicly accessible record of what was said.

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