Ignore the National Team – Christiano Ronaldo’s sister says after he was pewed in Switzerland match

Portugal’s top player Christiano Ronaldo’s sister is mad at the decision of benching his brother during the match against Switzerland in the last 16 of the FIFA World Cup.

There was a agitate among some fans of Ronaldo after he was pew in the match against Switzerland in the ongoing FIFA World cup.

Katia Aveiro, the sister of Ronaldo charged the incident advising her brother to quit the National team and come home over the ‘disrespect’dispense out to him.

“Portugal won. Thank God. New talents shone. Amazing. Are we going to win this? I believe so!! On the field, they shouted for Ronaldo. It wasn’t because Portugal was winning…,” Aveiro began, as relayed by The Sun.

“And I’m not saying this. The world watched… Why is it? I’m glad Portugal won… (I’ve seen Portugal win so many times). And even this doesn’t contradict the smallness of a large part of the Portuguese people. And this is what is not right because they continue to curse, they continue to insist on offense and ingratitude.”

“Too sad with what I read and hear not here in Qatar but in my country in his country… But really sad. AND I WANTED IT SO MUCH,” she explained.

“I really wanted him to come home, leave the national team and sit next to us so we could hug him and say that everything is fine, remind him of what he defeat and what home he came from,” she added.

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