Pentecost church ask my mum and I to sleep on school parks when we were on the street – Criss Waddle relate.

Ghanaian hip-hop recording artist and the CEO of AMG Business Kweku Addai popularly known as Criss Waddle has related how the church of Pentecost repudiated them.
Criss Waddle has taken to his page to share a photo of a church of Pentecost located at Tema describing an experience that happened between the church and his mother.

Criss Waddle has recounted an incident that happened 14 years ago when her mother approached the church of Pentecost to help in terms of shelter because they were on street but they were refuse down.

According to the artist, the church told them that the available rooms were rooms reserved for senior pastors during the Easter convention.

Criss Waddle revealed that the church advised them to go and sleep at a school park since there is no room for them even though there are vacant rooms, the church went on saying they are reserved for senior pastors.

This is the community 5 Pentecost church that told my mum and me that rooms available are for senior pastors so we should sleep at the school park till morning, maybe we will find help 2 rooms Dey empty but is for senior pastors when there is a Convention,” Criss Waddle added.

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