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I Had TO Run To A Pastor Because Of Dreams I Had About Ebony – iOna Reine

One of the female Ghanaian dancehall performers, Ebony Reigns, saw her song become a global hit. But in a collision on Sunyani Road in February 2018, she passed away at the height of her career.

Following the passing of Ebony, her impersonators among them iOna Reines appeared on social media. She filmed a music video for the late singer’s song “Maame Hwe” that was identical to the one Ebony shot and copied her design sense.

In an interview on Adom TV’s “The Journey,” iOna disclosed that she began having strange dreams about Ebony in which she was smiling at her but saying nothing.

In a different dream she described, she remarked, “It was a weird dream.” Ebony worked as a teacher in a classroom while pregnant.

“At some point, things got really spooky.” I could see her watching even as I was working. In one of the visions, she had returned, and some individuals had been after us and had taken her. When I awoke from the dream, I experienced the same chest discomfort, and at that moment, I realized I needed spiritual assistance.

iOna said that praying and speaking to men of God enabled her to cease seeing the late artist’s ghost. However, she said that she didn’t contact Ebony’s family since she didn’t want to be taken the wrong way.

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