Lots Of Negatives Surrounded My Appointment -Coach Otto Addo

Otto Addo, the outgoing head coach of the Black Stars team, claims there were many drawbacks to his employment. Coach Addo made his intention to resign as the head coach of the Black Stars known during a news conference following Ghana’s elimination from the World Cup.

The Dortmund scout stated his hiring was received with a lot of criticism and that he fell short of what some Ghanaians had hoped for during a press conference at the team’s hotel in Doha.

He declared, “I would never comprehend the mentality of individuals who think against a person to make them fail, even though some humans do this.”

Due to the experience he had gained with his club team and the national team, the former Black Stars player claimed he was not worried about the assaults against him.

“I have been in the business for so long that I don’t fear any of your criticism; I am used to it.” “I don’t have an issue with that; I have just God to fear,” he replied.

He claimed that in order to counter the criticism, he would have preferred for Ghanaians to criticize his decisions whenever his team won a game. “When we lose, the first question is always, “Why did you do that and that?” but when we win, no one questions me,” he continued.

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