Dear Nigeria; it’s ok to laugh at us but remember you didn’t see a quarter of Qatar – John Dumelo to Nigerians

John Dumelo, a politician and farmer from Ghana, has attacked Nigerians for making fun of Ghanaians after the Black Stars loss.

After the Black Stars loss to Uruguay, some Nigerians mocked Ghanaians on Twitter. Ghana only earned three points in the game before being eliminated.

Despite their loss, John Dumelo said he is still proud of the Black Stars. He also criticized Nigerians on his Facebook page for making fun of Ghanaians after the team’s loss and claiming that their national team was disqualified.

Dear Nigeria, it’s ok to laugh at us but remember you didn’t see a quarter of Qatar….I am proud of the Black stars!”. Dumelo wrote on his Facebook page on Friday, December 2, 2022.

Read some comments on below Dumelo’s post.


Patriotic Africans don’t mock their African brothers. Well done black stars!

Black salute!


Dear John Dumelo,

I’m a Nigerian. And I’m not laughing at Ghana at all. I sincerely sympathize and share in your grief today. It’s a general loss for the entire west African region. Any Nigerian laughing at You guys at this very lowest point, is only exhibiting infantilism.

@Kou Mateo: John , in Liberia we called this “broad daylight” vawulence against Nigeria

@Vincent McCarthy: For me I don’t think we should keep This bad energy between us ……I am a Ghanaian but I love Nigerians what we must discuss is how to make our greedy leaders think about us and involve us in their plans.

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